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I am Fahim; a Bangladeshi aboriginal; an IT professional and globetrotter. I have completed my Bachelor and Master’s degree from universities in Bangladesh. Having more than 12 years of work experiences in pure IT field, now planning to start my new journey in different field, which I will disclose soon.

When I was 14, I realize that traveling is something for me. Since then, I traveled many places around Bangladesh. Later, I made my passport on 2014 and started my international trip. Malaysia was the first country along with Singapore. I was so amused that after the trip I told myself if I die after today, I will have NO REGRET in life and I promised myself no matter what I will travel all over the world. Among the people I know, it has now become a horde of inspiration from my journeys to over 38 countries all over the world. As per Google, in 2019 I traveled a total distance of 82,527 km, which is 2.1 times around the world.

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